TOUR: Parramatta/Turramurra October 2013

The Bathurst Ringers were active in both the country and Sydney Annual Six Bell Striking Competitions that were held over the weekends of the 28/29th September and 5/6 October 2013.  In the country competition, two teams were entered.  The attempt by both teams was recorded locally and forwarded to an adjudicator for judgement.

The Sydney competition was held at All Saint’s Church, Parramatta before an on-the-spot adjudicator.  After an early departure from the Tablelands, a combined team of four Bathurst and two Orange ringers rang at Parramatta on behalf of Bathurst, which rules permitted.  Orange managed to field a team of 6.  Nine teams competed in total and the augmented Bathurst team just managed to beat it’s neighbouring tower into 7th place.

Taking care to avoid the very busy Sydney CBD which was hosting a Royal Australian Navy Cenetary, all of the Tablelands ringers moved onto St James’ Church at Turramurra for the remainder of the afternoon.  There, under the direction of Mr Bill Perrins, bob doubles and bob triples were practised.

It was an excellent day away, which provided the ringers of two relatively young bell towers, the wonderful experience of perfoming in a highly competitive environment, whilst working in ringing chambers and on bells very different from their own.